So next time, maybe try flowers (or do like JACK does and just play want you want). Granted, it may not be the most creative way to impress a woman, but it won’t scare the life out of your date or endanger your friend either. And as an added bonus, it keeps the police from getting involved.

So what exactly did Jeffrey Tyler Siegel try to do to impress his date that landed him in trouble with the law?

Oh, you know, fake a knife fight/kidnapping, nothing big.

Siegel’s friend, dressed in black and wielding a knife, “ambushed” the strolling couple, telling Seigel “You can go. But your girlfriend stays,” according to Siegel’s date promptly ran off to get help.

No one was hurt during the fiasco, but Siegel’s carefully crafted ruse was spiraling out of control. A police manhunt ensued, but officers found nothing. A few days later, police contacted Siegel’s date, who recalled that Siegel had been acting strange in the minutes before the attack and constantly texting. Officers grew suspicious…

Police soon brought Siegel in for questioning, and after being assured no charges would be pressed, admitted to staging the entire thing.

For the record, his date was not impressed.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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