Dr. Cranfill Picks NASCAR Winners With…..the Stock Market???

Predicting sports winners is hit or miss. Unless of course you could get your hands on Biff Tannen’s Sports Almanac. Everybody has their “system” and they’re all dumb. Except for this one…..

The Stock Market pretty much runs all our lives so why shouldn’t it have serious bearing on the outcome of NASCAR races? My system is pretty simple. I look at who drives what car and how that car sponsors stock did in the week and days leading up to the Sunday race. So let’s begin.

California native Jimmie Johnson drives the #48 Lowes Chevy and is USUALLY, the perennial favorite to do well in Fontana. So how’d that Lowes stock do this week?

lowes Dr. Cranfill Picks NASCAR Winners With.....the Stock Market???

Well, that’s an uninspiring downward trend. Can’t help but notice while JJ started the season hot, Lowes stock price started to take a tumble after he finished 22nd last week in Bristol. Related? For the purposes of this blog we’ll say yes.

What about Denny Hamlin in the #11 FedEx Toyota? He’s a damn fine driver, how’s that FedEx stock looking?

fedex Dr. Cranfill Picks NASCAR Winners With.....the Stock Market???

Guh. Yeah, that’s a big hell no. And look at the nose dive the stock took in the afternoon on Thursday. Do they know something we don’t? We’ll be staying away from Denny this week but he still gets respect in my book for his Grand Slam Breakfast.

Well that’s an 0-2 so far. NASCAR and Beechwood Aged Lager go hand in hand so lets take a look at how Kevin Harvicks sponsor Budweiser did on Wall Street this week….

budweis Dr. Cranfill Picks NASCAR Winners With.....the Stock Market???

Ok now we’re talking. You may be looking for big upward spikes as an indicator of performance here but that is wrong. Look at that line….steady as steady can be. You gotta love a blue chipper like this. I’ll take Kevin Harvick to have a nice ride on Sunday. Top 5, maybe even a W.

Allright. One more. How bout one for my Colombianos? Juan Pablo Montoya driving the #42 Target Chevrolet…

target Dr. Cranfill Picks NASCAR Winners With.....the Stock Market???

Now that is what I’m talking about. Look at that spike!!! Must be all those new City Target stores bringing in urban revenue. Gotta like that kind of performance in your portfolio. I’ll take that performance to carry over to the track. Gimme a top 10 finish for Juan Pablo.

The Auto Club 400 goes live at Noon Pacific this Sunday on FOX. Check back next week and see if any of this foolishness actually pays off.

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