Five Musicians Wounded by Cool Props

The thing about rockstars is that they are the kind of people who are expected to do awesome things to draw attention to themselves. They are the kind of people who routinely say, do and dance things that would have any mere mortal laughed into an embarrassment coma. And yet, time after time, they pull it off. All the more satisfying then, when it backfires stupendously…

P!nk Brings Down Barriers

You probably know pink as the as the sassy pop diva who sings mostly about punching things or regretting punching something. She also sometimes has pink hair, because we ran out of imaginative gimmicks in the early nineties apparently.

She’s also known for bringing a rock flavour to pop music, so her stage shows are habitually a little more extreme than her peers. So when Pink says she wants to fly over her audience like a faux-punk Peter Pan, you accept it, because thats how Pink rolls.

Or, in the case of a 2010 concert in Nürnberg, Germany that’s how Pink barrel rolls. Barrel rolls straight into a steel barrier.

It seems that one of her harness crew attaching the wires that supported Pink (she wasn’t really flying, I probably should have mentioned that) hadn’t been on her game that day, and the unsecured harness sent Pink rocketing off into the crowd barrier. Pink hit the ground and, dealing with the situation like a true pro, cursed like a sailor until she was ready to get back on the stage.

Despite the cringe-inducing video, Pink wasn’t seriously hurt, later tweeting; “I made that barrier my bitch!” which just goes to prove the old adage; “When you fall off the horse, you call that horse a bitch.”

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