Los Angeles Crime Victims Will Soon Be Able To Play Detective

Want to put your Law & Order or CSI marathon watching skills to test? You don’t have to become a badge-wielding detective and, sorry, you probably won’t be partnering up with Mariska Hargitay, but in the near future you’ll be able to write your own LAPD crime reports for “low-level” crimes like car break-ins, graffiti, or stolen purse at a club.

Victimless instances where there are no suspects and not much evidence.

These official LAPD reports are can be submitted, printed out for free, and reviewed by officers. The alleged goal of this? So people will report ore crimes says Lt. Tom Murrell.

Because most people don’t report a crime they think is minor or they think won’t get attended to because “officers’ time is very expensive.”

Chances of prank report filing? Umm, have you met humanity? Just like ding-dong-bitching to 911, people will probably take the time to report completely inane things.

Except now, instead of having a physical person actually come check it out, they’ll get to hit “archive” and go eat some donuts.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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