Yay! West Hollywood Extends Their Parking Meter Hours!

In “just what we needed” news, the West Hollywood city council approved extending parking meter hours, meaning the already ridiculously expensive city just got a little bit more ridiculous and expensive.

Many of WeHo’s parking meters operate until 6:00 pm (except on Sunset, where they rob, err, run until 2 am). But after the City Council vote on Monday, those hours will be extended to as late as midnight on certain stretches of road.

According to WeHo.org, the city’s official website, the reason the hours were extended was to help eliminate the “false perception that there is a City parking shortage when in fact plenty of spaces are available at nearby garages or lots.”

Now that the hours have been extended, WeHo-ians, or whatever they heck they call themselves, can expect the miracle meters to “improve traffic circulation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars hunting for parking, and even control prices at private parking lots and garages that will now have to compete with metered parking rates.”

Sounds like “blah, blah, blah, we get more of your money” to us.

Good going WeHo. At least they provided a map of the crime scene.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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