Santa Monica-native Robert Redford is getting curmudgeony in his old age. The famed actor, who has an office in Santa Monica and has identified with the yuppie beach city for ages is now saying he “hates” Santa Monica.

Well, get in line buddy. A lot of poor people and non-tourists agree with you. Homeless people excluded.

OK, but it’s not just that. Robert Redford has become a Southern California snob in general. Like, he’s too good for us now. He rides his little horsies in Utah and enjoys the nightlife of New York (we’re just guessing) but Santa Monica makes him “itchy.”

“Traffic, freeways, out-of-control development,” said Redford to Esquire (via Huffington Post).  “There was never a land-use plan. This was a beautiful city once, and it isn’t anymore.”

A local Patch disagrees because that’s just not true, bro.

“It’s called the Land Use and Circulation Element, and it was adopted in the summer of 2010, and city officials are in the midst of adopting new planning guides specifically for the Bergamot Station Arts Center area and downtown,” says Patch. “Since the plan was adopted, however, there have been a record number of development requests, mostly to build mixed-use residential and commercial projects in downtown, along Lincoln Boulevard and near the future Expo Light Rail line,” Patch reports.

What do you think? Do you agree with Robert Redford? Does Santa Monica suck?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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