The Frugal Model: Impress a Woman Without Going Broke (or Looking Cheap)

It’s no secret that women are tricky creatures. Even if we believe in coupon clipping and saving every penny, we will still call a guy cheap if he lets us split the check on the first date. Take me for example. I have an entire website dedicated to frugal living (The Frugal Model), yet I still believe in that old school behavior of men opening doors, pulling out chairs, and making you feel like they are more than happy to take care of the bill. I know it’s confusing. I would never marry a guy who was careless with his spending, but I also wouldn’t go on a second date with someone who let me pay for the first.

Letting a woman pay the bill right from the start lets her know that you are either a) “between jobs,” a.k.a. too broke to afford the restaurant that you likely chose b) are so scarred from your gold digging ex-girlfriend that you will now make every other woman pay for your emotional baggage or c) you’re just plain old cheap, and no one wants to be with someone like that.

So how do you find that delicate balance of impressing a woman without ever looking cheap?



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