Michael Jackson Was A Drug Addict Says Source, Afraid He’d Get Shot To Death

Michael Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been making waves in the press recently with his Christmas song serenade to Anderson Cooper and a trail surrounding Jackson’s death.

Many people accused the doctor for Jackson’s death, but according to a source in the singer’s dermatology office, Jackson predicted his death just weeks before it happened. The only caveat? He thought he was going to be shot.

Jason Pfeiffer, an assistant at Jackson’s dermatology office said that “it was like he knew he was never coming back” because he would “often say he thought he was going to be shot onstage.”
Specifically that he was going to be shot onstage in the United States.

Pfeiffer told The Sun that this is the reason Jackson was planning on starting his tour in the United Kingdom; gun laws made the country less dangerous. Three weeks after his death, Jackson was supposed to started his This Is It tour in London.

Despite Jackson’s paranoias, it was clear to the dermatology assistant that the singer’s “death wish” came to fruition with his “drug addiction.”

“He faked medical issues so that he could receive heavy-duty painkiller Demerol — and demanded enough to knock out an elephant,” claimed Pfeiffer. “Michael felt he was immune to normal volumes and begged for extra quantities.”

According to Pfeiffer, Jackson would call him begging for drugs.  Eleven days before his death, Jackson allegedly called Pfeiffer asking for Propofol, one of the drugs that was administered to him by Dr. Conrad Murray when the singer died.  Jackson apparently told Pfeiffer he did it “all the time” to sleep.

“Around 7pm Michael called me sounding harassed and flustered — he barely had time to say hello before he just asked for Propofol. He asked me if he knew anyone that could supply him with that. I didn’t even know what it was, let alone how to get it.

In his final days, Pfeiffer alleges that Jackson went from being very conversation to “reserved and negative.” Apparently he was stressed out over his comeback and Jackson took to walking around telling people “God bless you.”

“Michael acted like he had a link to heaven. He said he was close to God and was here to change the planet with God’s help,” ended Pfeiffer. “On the last couple of occasions he started saying goodbyes to people in the office, which was eerie. He made over-the-top efforts to say farewell, hugging and acting personal. It made me uneasy as Michael popped back in several times a week. I gave him a really long hug before he walked out. Michael simply looked back and said, ‘Goodbye Jason’. He seemed so sad and his energy force had gone. Even his voice sounded forlorn. A shiver went through me and then three days later he was dead.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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