Back in the halcyon days of our youth, we just did innocent things like try to snort hot Cheetos, erase our skin, or choke each other out. But kids these days are reckless, graduating to the extremely dangerous after-school past-time of  snorting…condoms.  Yes, condoms.

Presumably, that little bit of lubrication on something that is usually not snorted directly through the nose and into the mouth makes it sort of like snorting a worm. Normally a condom covers a “worm” of sorts. See how bad this is getting?

Which kids have done forever, and really, looking back on it, all of it was dangerous and none of it is recommended to do at home, but we didn’t have Youtube to pass around “challenge” videos to some kid in India or Croatia.

Plus, snorting condoms seems extra deadly. Can you imagine choking on it?

Here’s a clip of a girl snorting a condom. During the clip she says, “That was weird.”

What an astute observation, little lady. Now go call the four corners with your fake Wiccan posse or something productive like we did in the ’90s.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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