Predictions for the 2013 Baseball Season

The only thing for certain this baseball season is that some wackadoo nonsense is going to go down. It’s true! Name me the last time we had a baseball season where there wasn’t a hefty dose of shenanigans. We’ve had “the cream and the clear,” “chicken and beer,” and some third thing that’s topical and rhymes. You get the point.

So what’ll happen this season? Who knows? Your guess is as good as ours. The only difference is that you don’t get to broadcast your guesses on a national forum. Haha! My life is great!

On to the picks!

Odds that Zach Greinke will break his collarbone during a bench-clearing brawl with the San Diego Padres – 1:1

Weirdly specific, I know. But I’ve got a strange feeling about this one.

Odds on Sportscenter having a heartwarming Mariano Rivera montage – 1:1

Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera is hanging up his cleats after this season. He’s one of the game’s true gentlemen – the type of guy who would refuse a trade to a rival in order to stay loyal to the same team (for less money, too!) Beyond being one of the all-time greats to ever play baseball, he and Derek Jeter are probably the only two current Yankees to garner the begrudging respect of drunk Red Sox fans. To me, there’s no doubt that Sportscenter will send him off with a montage beginning with Stuart Scott standing in front of a green screen saying one-off dramatic words, like “Sportsmanship. Dedication. Competitor. Words like these describe Mariano Rivera. Rumor has it, I’m kind of a jerk in real life.”

Read more baseball pics at MANCAVEDAILY.COM.


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