So we’re at our weekly JACK FM meeting trying to figure out how to get more of you excited about our Flashback Prom, which, by the way, is only a week away. The conversation went something like this…

Jackhole A: So how do we encourage listeners to visit and check out Flashback Prom related posts?

Jackhole B: We could promise them enchiladas.

Jackhole A: We’ve already gone over the enchilada idea, we don’t have enough tortillas. Anyone else?

Jackhole C: Well, if we want more people to read about an 80’s prom, why don’t see how marketing was done in the 80’s and write a post about the best advertising campaigns of the decade?

Jackhole A: Jackhole B, you’re fired. Jackhole C, you’re now Jackhole B.

And so was born this list. Enjoy!


Jackhole B.

Partnership for a Drug Free America – This is your brain on drugs In this anti-drug campaign, our brain is represented by an egg. Our brain on drugs is represented by said egg being fried in a frying pan. Any questions?

Gery Poupon – “Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?” Why did this commercial become a classic? Who knows. Pass the mustard.

Life Call – “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” It was supposed to be a serious commercial about a serious product. Instead, it became an 80’s flashback comedy fodder.

Wendy’s – “Where’s the beef?” The lady was funny, plus, she did have a point.

Bud Light – Spuds MacKenzie Everyone loves beer. Everyone loves dogs. Especially white, sun glasses donning, shirt-wearing Bull Terriers with a black circle around one eye.

Calvin Klein Jeans – Brooke Shields She was only 14 when she did the infamous print ads, which made the line, “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” pretty damn creepy.

Energizer Batteries – Energizer Bunny Can you believe that friggin’ bunny is 25 years old? Insert your “it keeps going and going” jokes here.

The Coca-Cola Company – New Coke Not so much an advertising campaign as it was highway robbery. In 1985, Coca-Cola announced it would be replacing its original formula with “New Coke,” which, coincidentally tasted a lot like Pepsi. Markets were flooded with people trying to stockpile the original formula before it went away and stores literally sold out of Coke. The backlash was huge, and three months later, Coca-Cola Classic was re-introduced. Conspiracy theories soon followed.

Nike – Air Jordan and “Just Do It” Air Jordan, Nike’s Michael Jordan Basketball shoe, was created in 1985. The Jumpman logo is the stuff of legends. In 1988, “Just Do It,” was coined. Together, they helped make Nike the number sports shoes and apparel company in the world.

Nintendo – “Now You’re Playing with Power” Sure there were game consoles before Nintendo. But when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched in the states in 1985, it created a new industry that still dominates today and is worth billions of dollars a year. And it all started with these first commercials.

Apple – 1984 Chances are you’re reading this article on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. You have this commercial to thank. The year was (duh) 1984. The event: Super Bowl XVIII. Directed by Ridley Scott (yes, that Ridley Scott), this commercial introduced the world to Apple Computers. It plays off 1984, George Orwell’s classic novel of a dystopian society. The message was clear: the future is here, and the future will be great.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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