The 7 New NBA Finals Game 7 Rules

by Rachel Roderman

The series is tied. The players are on their last legs. The fans are tired, nervous, nauseous, and not settling for a loss. But I’ve always felt that Game 7 was kind of a slap in the face. Six games wasted just to be at a winner takes all match up has to have some benefit for the unwavering fan. To shake things up a bit, I’ve proposed a few new addenda to the rulebook for the inevitable Game 7 throwdown.

7) Less is More

If a team is down during crunch time or their egos are up during all the time, the coach has the option to play half the players for double the points. With only three players on the court, no subs allowed until a timeout, regular two- and three-pointers are now worth 4 and 6 points. The other coach can determine that they want to even the playing field, point-wise, and take out all but three of their players to also shoot for 4 and 6 point shots, or maintain seven players with subs for 2 and 3 points as per usual.

Pros: Teams with confident, strong trios can advance their scoring in half the time, making fourth quarter comebacks and halftime leads even more dramatic.

Cons: All basketball teams now only have 3 players so the college draft is screwed.



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