Man Finds Human Leg In Smoker, Another Man Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Cutting-edge documentary Finders Keepers will finally be made and it won’t cost Oscar award-winning producer Ed Cunningham an arm and a leg.

After a month of being featured on Kickstarter (sort of an ironic name), the feature film earned $81, 132 (about $1,000 over its goal) and garnered 431 backers.

The proposed topic of Finders Keepers is about a man named Shannon Whisnant who bought a smoker in 2007 at a Storage Wars-style action and found a severed and mummified leg in it.  This leg originally belonged to John Wood who lost both his leg and his father in a plane crash. Instead of getting rid of the leg, like most people would, Wood kept the leg as a memorial to his father. We wonder if his new leg is…wood? That might be better for the smoker. Oh, the jokes keep coming.

Anyway, after being late on his payments, Wood lost his storage locker and therefore lost his stored leg and tried to get is back from Whisnant, which seems simple enough, but instead of handing over the leg Whisnant said that it belonged to him because he purchased it. Mayhem ensues and then–tada–Hollywood steps in.

$80,000 will only get Cunningham the chance to make a cut to submit, but with $307,000 they’ll be able to  make the “actual film.”

If you’d like more info on the film, check out their KICKSTARTER page.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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