Meanwhile In Southern California: 18 Kids Hospitalized After Being Weird Crap In Milk

If you’re from our generation, how to eat fried worms was about as crazy as you got minus the odd booger or two. But some kids at a Audubon Elementary School in San Diego decided to “gourmetize” some milk and see if they could keep the grotesque creamy concoction down, kid versus food style.

Turns out they couldn’t. After putting salt, pepper, hot sauce, carrots and “what they could find” in the milk said San Diego Unified School District spokesman Jack Brandais to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 18 of the 22 kids went to hospital thanks to the epic pukefest that ensued.

After the kids were checked to make sure they didn’t have food poisoning the cafeteria was shut down, there was a massive food fight and everyone stopped being so dramatic about kids putting weird things in their mouths. Seriously, the hospital? Not remotely as bad as “snorting a condom.” And like Brandais said, “Fourth-graders will be fourth-graders.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los AngelesĀ 


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