Aerosmith Bassist Creates Naughty Beanie Babies

Most rock stars get in trouble for trashing hotel rooms or doing drugs in the back of a limo with a big-mouthed hooker. But Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton got in trouble for his obsence toys.

Now before you go assuming the worst/best, it’s probably a lot more innnocent than you think. Hamilton actually conjured up an idea called Obscenies around the same time Beanie Babies were popular which he calls the “equivalent to Beanie Babies except they’re dirty.”

“I have a character named Scrotilla The Hun who is a rampaging dick, and a character named Robin Redbreasts who has breast implants,” explained Hamilton. ““I would tell people about it and they’d be like, ‘Well, when are you going to do it?’ So I found somebody who had the connections to have plush toys made. There was some factory in China that was able to produce about 8000 of these things.”

To us, they sound amazing but the teachers at Hamilton’s son’s school didn’t agree. Hamilton confessed: “My son got into the box of them and took some to school and got in trouble… and then I got in trouble!”

Distribution to children might not be the best idea but Hamilton said maybe he’ll throw them out to people at shows.

“Maybe people will hear about it and sort of latch on to it,” said Hamilton. “I think I’m just going to take them out on the road and throw them out to people when I’m onstage.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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