by Alli Reed

Breaking Bad returned for the first of its final eight episodes this weekend, and while other fans of the show have been outside in the sunshine and kissing attractive people for the past year, I’ve been locked in my room constructing a serial-killer-esque wall of notes and theories and giant red circles to figure out what exactly is coming up for Walt and Jesse.

I would give a spoiler alert here, but if you’re not caught up with Breaking Bad yet, you have bigger issues to confront, such as your deplorable personality and inability to prioritize the important things in your life.

The most recent episode left us as Hank, Walt’s brother-in-law and a DEA agent, came to the realization that Walter White is Heisenberg (while taking what is now a year-long poop). Most of what we know for certain about the end of the series comes from the opening sequence of the first episode of season 5, which is a four-minute flash-forward in which Walt meets up with his old arms dealer in a Denny’s and picks up a car that conveniently has an M60 machine gun in the trunk. The scene isn’t available online, but here are the facts we can take away from it:

  • He turns his bacon into the number 52 and reveals it’s his birthday; his 51st birthday was season 5, episode 4. The show averages about a week per episode, so this scene takes place approximately 10 months after the most recent episode of season 5.
  • His ID gives a fake state (New Hampshire) and fake name (Mr. Lambert) but real birthday (he didn’t want to hand his ID over to the waitress for a free breakfast initially, so the birthday meal wasn’t just an act).

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