Fast Food Workers To Strike In Los Angeles

Sorry dudes, but your fast food fix might not be so fast in the future. That’s because fast food workers are apparently ganging up the crappy companies that are giving them wages and benefits that are unlivable even by podunk town standards, let alone Los Angeles.

According to LAist, there are 3.7 million workers in the fast food industry and some of those workers will be striking on Thursday, August 29 to prove that they deserve more than what they are given. They are striking after being told that instead of being paid fairly, food service workers specifically at McDonalds should try to get a second job in order to pay the bills. Most people who work at McDonalds make about minimum wage which is $8. At 40 hours a week, which we’re sure is rare, that’s only about $1,280 before taxes are taken out. The average one bedroom in Los Angeles is about that same price.

Workers are asking for at least $15. That would give them more than double a month (before taxes).

So, while we battle to end obesity through stopping fast food conception, fast food workers battle to make enough money so that they can eat. It’s a weird conundrum that will be taking over our streets soon.  Better stock up on milkshakes and chicken nuggets now.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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