Sad news for Clippers and Lakers fans alike. TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom, who last played as a Clippers forward, and (ex?) husband of Khloe Kardashian is missing and feared to be on a drug binge.

Lamar Odom started his NBA career with Los Angeles Clippers in 1999 where he played four seasons before signing with the Miami Heat. Odom, however, played only one year for the Heat before being traded back to Los Angeles, this time to the Lakers. It was during his run with the Lakers that Odom’s career peaked, winning two NBA titles in 2009 and 2010 as well as earning the Sixth Man of the Year award in 2011.

He also married reality star Khloe Kardashian in 2009, which in true Kardashian form spawned a reality show, Khloe and Lamar.

But Odom’s personal life has also been filled with tragedy. His mother died when he was 12 of colon cancer. In 2006, Odom’s infant son died of SIDS. Odom’s cousin was murdered in 2011, and the following day after the funeral, Odom’s limo was involved in an accident that killed a 15-year old boy.

Odom’s once successful career took a turn for the worse once the Lakers attempted to trade him for All-Star point guard Chris Paul. Even though the deal was eventually vetoed by NBA commissioner David Stern, the damage to Odom’s psyche was done. He was soon traded to the Dallas Mavericks, where he played statistically the worst year of his career. After one disappointing season, Odom was traded back to the Los Angeles Clippers, where his career seemed to be on the rebound.

But despite his new found professional success, in recent weeks it has been revealed that Odom’s personal life was secretly unraveling. First claims that he has been cheating on Khloe with not one but two women began to surface. Then allegations of his drug abuse over the past two years reached the public, both of which combined to he and Khloe splitting up. On August 25, TMZ reported that Odom has been missing for the past 72 hours after a failed intervention by the Kardashian family.

Odom’s representative claims Lamar is safe, but has not revealed with whereabouts. Odom himself has not communicated with the media at this point.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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