A fairly common solution presented to men having to make decisions is to just “be a man” about them. Are you sad? Be a man, just stop it and go drink whiskey and punch things until feelings are but a thing of the past. Need to clean up your place? Be a man, sit in your filth and let it accumulate until it gets to Hoarders levels or until someone of a lesser station can come clean it for you. Caught a disease from all that muck and mess? Tough it out until it goes away.

The common problem with these solutions is that they’re pretty much about ignoring things. People will most often tell others to “man up” or to “be a man” about things involving feeling feelings but there are plenty of other areas that have ended up being equated with masculinity with really no basis. At least, whatever basis once existed is now outdated and was probably dumb in the first place anyway.

It is now 2013, and there are plenty of things you no longer need to “be a man” about.


I don’t know when manliness became equated with being a slob, but it has never made sense to me. I was raised to pick up after myself just because it’s kind of d!@#-ish to leave other people to do it for you, and if no one does it at all, a mouse eats your shredded coconut and poops in your pantry.

I was at my parents’ place a couple of weeks ago where everything was clean and windows were open and I didn’t have dust on my feet from walking around barefoot. It was amazing. Their toilets were lily white and I used Charmin. Also, it didn’t smell like sweaty clothes that have been sitting on the floor for a month and farts. My place is not nearly that clean.

Some people deem cleaning to be “a woman’s task,” which is super insulting. I used to have roommates who would call me “mom” for the cleaning I did, which barely touched the chores my parents had me do that kept our place happy and sanitary and seriously smelling freaking amazing.

Here’s the thing: being a man and letting everything get super dirty and fart-smelling are not the same thing. Cleaning up doesn’t magic away your genitals or testosterone, and it helps a whole lot. You’ll feel better for really not even doing that much work.



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