In a sense, any eating challenge can be considered torture. Remember the movie Seven? The part where the bad guy forces the fat dude to eat until he literally explodes? Yeah, pretty much any Nathan’s competition could theoretically become that at any point.

Obviously, this does not happen, unless the people filming these thing are really good at editing. But there are some challenges and records that, gruesome chest bursting or not, could legally be classified as torture by several major governments, and nobody would bat an eye.

4. Woman Eats 51 Ghost Peppers in 2 Minutes

For the uninitiated, a ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers on the planet, with a Scoville rating of roughly a million units. For comparison, that bottle of Tabasco sauce that sent you screaming into the pool to down every last drop of sweet, sweet, chlorinated H2O? That’s a mere 5,000 units at its strongest. The typical ghost pepper about 200 times hotter. It’s pretty much pure evil in pepper form.

But to hear this one woman say it, ghost peppers are no hotter than a cup of coffee that’s been left on the table for 45 minutes. Anandita Dutta Tamuly of India set a Guinness world record by downing 51 of the damn things in two minutes. Meanwhile, Chef Gordon Ramsey, he of screaming-at-everybody fame, couldn’t take more than one bite before tapping out. More than likely, any of us wouldn’t even get that far, weeping for our mommies after coming within 100 feet of one and getting a strong whiff.

She claims that she can do this because she’s been eating them all her life, thereby developing an immunity to these edible nuclear bombs. She can even rub them in her eyes, simply to make us feel even less secure in our own humanity. If a ghost pepper came within 50 feet of any of our eyeballs, we would go blind. It would be safer to stare at the sun.

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