Dr. Cranfill’s Week 4 NFL Picks-n-Giggles

So yeah…I pretty much suck golf balls thru a garden hose so far picking games in the 2013 NFL Season but just as seasons change, luck can also change. And my luck better change before you people come after me with baseball bats and tire irons. I can take a beating just stay away from my face please. Hopefully I’ll deliver a 4-0 for you this week and none of that recreational violence will be necessary.

steelvikes Dr. Cranfills Week 4 NFL Picks n Giggles
Pittsburgh Steelers (-2½) vs Minnesota Vikings (10:00AM PST on CBS-Game played in London)

This is the first of two games in the 2013 NFL season that will be played in London. I don’t get it. I thought we threw a bunch of tea in the Boston Harbor and beat back those slinky Redcoats in the War of 1812 so we wouldn’t have to cater to these Limeys? What gives Roger Goodell? Then I actually looked at the teams and match ups the NFL has sent to London. Vikes and Steelers? Both 0-3. Jaguars and 9ers? Barf. Tampa Bay’s been sent over there two different times. Now I see it. Export the garbage of the NFL to England and make money off of it. I see you Roger Goodell and I salute you, you patriot you. Take the Vikes to cover and win here because as you well know from history, Vikings do their best work on the road.

skinsraiders Dr. Cranfills Week 4 NFL Picks n Giggles
Washington Redskins (-3½) vs Oakland Raiders (1:25pm PST on FOX)

Real nugget of betting information here, on the year the Raiders are 3-0 vs the spread whilst the Redskins are 0-3. But with Oakland QB Terelle Pryor’s concussion status up in the air that streak might just come to an end. If Pryor’s playing, take the Raiders. If he’s not, stay away from wagering on this game. While it’s true scared money don’t make money, dumb money NEVER makes money.

boysnchargers Dr. Cranfills Week 4 NFL Picks n Giggles
Dallas Cowboys (-2) vs San Diego Chargers (1:25pm PST on FOX)

Here is yet another game where an AFC West team is the underdog at home to a NFC East team. Last I checked, the NFC East was easily the worst division in football so what’s with the disrespect Vegas? Here’s what I do know. Cowboys Tony Romo is flat out awful in big games. If everybody is watching, he’s terrible. If nobody is watching, he’s excellent. With a Breaking Bad marathon running all day Sunday on AMC culminating with the series finale at 9pm AND the fact that the Cowboys are playing the Chargers ……nobody will be watching this game so Tony Romo should go bananas. Take the Boys to win and cover.

finssaints Dr. Cranfills Week 4 NFL Picks n Giggles
Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints (-7) (Monday Night Football, 5:40pm PST ESPN)

Two 3-0 teams getting after it on Monday night? This is football ladies and gentlemen! To date I have been wrong about the Dolphins every step of the way. Maybe it’s time to give them some respect. Am I taking the Fins to win in N’Awlins? Not a chance. But I will take them to cover. I just can’t see them swimming out of the Superdome with a W.

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