From Blink-182 To Bacon-182: Inside Producer Mark Trombino’s Punk Rock Donut Shop

marktrombino 3 From Blink 182 To Bacon 182: Inside Producer Mark Trombinos Punk Rock Donut Shop

Mark Trombino behind the counter of Donut Friend. (Jay Tilles/

Producer Mark Trombino has helped Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World, as they say, make the donuts, from Dude Ranch to Bleed American and other pop-punk gems along the way. Now Trombino is literally making donuts… with a nod to his punk past.

A couple weeks back, Trombino made a serious career change and opened Donut Friend in Los Angeles’ historic Highland Park neighborhood. Blueberry compote, bacon, cayenne pepper, manchego chese and orange marmalade are just a few of the ingredients available in his design-your-own donut line-up, but music fans may be more interested in the band-themed pastries.

The current concoctions include (A)pple Pi(E), a donut stuffed with caramelized apples and cheddar cheese, topped with a caramel glaze and toasted peanuts; it was inspired by peace-punk band (A).PPL(E). There’s Bacon-182, a self-explanatory ode to one of the biggest bands Trombino’s produced; Chocolate from the Crypt, named for Rocket from the Crypt (with whom Trombino’s early band Drive Like Jehu shared a guitarist); and the chocolate mousse-stuffed Fudgegazi, a delectable tribute to Fugazi.



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