Gene Simmons Says At Least Jimi Hendrix’s Drug-Induced Death Was Original

Oh, Gene Simmons. He can’t keep his mouth shut (or his tongue in his mouth). What did the Kiss frontman say most recently that could be deemed as totally controversial coming from someone else?

He said that substance abuse is boring in rock’n’roll and that at least Jimi Hendrix’s overdose death was “original” at the time.

Kiss has had its own share of substance abuse issues and Simmons said that they are  “very crazy with the cliches of rock’n’roll,” but that with “guys who killed themselves, like Hendrix and all the rest of them – in those days not many people did that.”

“You’re a drug addict? That’s so yesterday,” quipped Simmons in an interview. ” “Rock’n’roll is about the freedom to be whatever the eff you want to be,” he states. “And if that’s a big corporate capitalist pig, proudly so, unapologetic, then so be it. You want to finish on a blaze of glory, not a pathetic shadow of what you were. I hope we don’t stay on stage one day longer than we deserve. We introduce ourselves with ‘You wanted the best,’ not ‘You wanted the second best.'”

Meanwhile, Kiss is putting is in the final stages of establishing their Los Angeles-based football team, L.A. Kiss.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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