Hey, at least they have a football team, unlike here in LA, where we have to be jealous of their crappy quarterback. But apparently one Cleveland Browns fan doesn’t see it that way.

Pae, a Hudson, Ohio native has taken credit for a Craigslist ad that seeks to replace Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, according to In the ad, Pae is desperate for anyone with quarterbacking experience, even if only on the video game Madden NFL.

The ad continues, saying, “If you’re sick of seeing desperation heaves to the sidelines, countless sacks after superb coverage, and underhanded lightly tossed interceptions in the 4th quarter then please come apply! If you can throw a ball, come apply! If you can’t, come anyway!

“We can teach you the basics….throwing the ball to the guy who has the same color shirt as you. Throwing the ball reasonably close to a receiver that’s WIDE OPEN, throwing the ball more than 3 yards on 3rd and 16.”

But why the vitriol? Cleveland has gone 3-3 this year, which is still better than division rival Pittsburgh’s 1-4 and is only one game behind division leader Cincinnati. It’s not a great record, but it’s better than a lot of other teams out there. So why is Pae so frustrated?

To put it gently, Weeden sucks. This year, he has an atrocious total quarterback rating of 28.6 (compared to ranking leader Peyton Manning’s 90.1), has thrown only 4 (4!) touchdown passes, and has barely completed over half his passes while throwing 22 interceptions. In contrast, Manning, the gold standard in the NFL, has thrown 22 touchdown passes.


With numbers like that, you can begin to understand why Pae decided to take matters into his own hands and post the ad. Think you have what it takes? Reply to the listing HERE! Per the ad, redheads, people named Brett, or any University of Florida alumni need not apply.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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