We think it’s time the boys from KISS took a time out. Last month, the mouthy Gene Simmons basically called certain ex-members of KISS a “cancer.” Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley was one of those members and took the opportunity to call out the crazy KISS frontman.

“Gene used to say to me in the seventies, every time I did something stupid: ‘Ace, you’re shooting yourself in the foot again.’ Well, he’s been shooting himself in the foot for years,” said Frehley in an interview.  “Gene’s living in the past. He’s become a caricature of himself. From the very beginning his only motivation was money. The guy has no friends. He’s not respected by his peers. He’s pissed off thousands of fans. He’s never had a hit single, like I’ve had. He took the safe route – he never got loaded, he never partied. I took the same route Elvis took, and Hendrix, and Keith Richards and Jim Morrison… it’s endless. I have all this life experience and thank God I can live to talk about it. What’s he going to talk about? All he can do is badmouth other people.”

Essentially, Frehley is saying Simmons is a farce; he’s not real rock and roll. And he’s going to prove that because he says that if KISS get inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame next year, he will be there.

“I’m happy that I’m gonna be inducted, most likely next year, in April, in New York City,” he said. “It should be a great event. There’s no way Gene can put a lid on it. I mean, what’s he gonna do?”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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