Dr. Cranfill’s NFL Week 10 Picks-n-Giggles

If you thought the Halifax explosion of 1917 was a disaster it pales in comparison to me picking games against the spread this year. Just awful. But just like Tori Spelling, I don’t know how to quit while I’m ahead so here are your NFL Week 10 picks….

….to quote Dante, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here…

Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers (-6)– 1:05pm PST on FOX
I really want to make a “the city of San Francisco has long eschewed the allure of the kitten” joke here but that’s borderline homophobic and the JACK FM HR Department would probably frown on such assertions. Instead I’d like to point out that these two teams are home to two of the biggest gold rush sites in American history. Why is that relevant? Well, because nobody made gold look better than WWE Champion Ric Flair and where does he call home? You guessed it. Charlotte, NC. Take the Panthers…….to cover. SF 19-17

sdnbroncos Dr. Cranfills NFL Week 10 Picks n Giggles
San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos (-7)- 1:25pm on CBS
You know how it seems like you most always forget to pack your phone charger when on vacation? Ironically, the San Diego Chargers also don’t travel well either this year with their lone road victories coming against the hapless Jaguars and hot mess Eagles. The Bronco’s are no Jacksonville or Philly. Take the Bronco’s to cover and cover hard. 35-14

Oakland Raiders vs New York Giants (-7½)- 10:00am on CBS
I’ve been worse at picking games this year than FOX News is at fact checking but one thing has remained constant….I’ve been right every week about the Raiders. Win, lose or cover I’ve nailed every single Raiders game on the year. And I hate to break it to you Raiders fans but last weeks drubbing at the hands of the Eagles might’ve been the Liu Kang FATALITY on your season. GIANTS, WIN. 24-9.

finsnbucs Dr. Cranfills NFL Week 10 Picks n Giggles
Miami Dolphins (-2½) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Monday Night Football 5:40pm on ESPN
These two franchises are a bigger mess than the Obamacare website which doesn’t bode well for any of us. The Bucs are 0 and something while the Dolphins are the talk of the NFL for all the wrong reasons. That being said, for no reason other than a gut feeling and I don’t feel like talking about either of these teams for another stupid second, I’m taking the Bucs to get their first win of the year here on Monday night. Also, Adam Hawk? Suck it. Take the Bucs moneyline, 17-10.

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