So don’t be this guy. An owner of a new PlayStation 4 decided to “have some fun” at the expense of what we imagine is his soon to be ex-wife, exposing the breast of his passed out spouse before eventually stripping her naked for the entire online community to see.

Let’s back up for a second.

The PlayStation 4, which was just released on November 14th, has a new feature called “Playroom” which allows users to broadcast a live video feed through the service Twitch TV. Gamers are now using “Playroom” to create their own shows which can then be instantly seen by the entire Sony PS4 community.

Sounds like a cool idea, right? People have already done everything from showing off their guns to auctioning off their old PS3, reports the Daily Mail.

And, then there’s this guy, know only by his screenname, Darckobra. He and his wife are seen drinking away, until finally the wife, drunk at this point, passes out on the couch.

That’s when Darckobra thinks it would be a good idea to lift up her shirt, flashing her bare breast. Shortly after, the screen goes dark.

But 15 minutes later, the stream is live again, and this time Darckobra’s wife is completely naked on the couch. Classy move there, chief.

The stream was cut off shortly thereafter and Darckobra was subsequently banned by Twitch TV, citing a violation of their end user agreement.

The damage, however, was already done. It’ll be interesting to see how Sony and Twitch TV react to the potential abuse and lawsuits “Playroom” is clearly susceptible to.

Meanwhile, you can click HERE to see the censored footage of the incident.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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