Once upon a time in Los Angeles, you could smoke inside a bar, a restaurant, a hospital–pretty much anywhere–without consequence. Then as research proved that smoking was dangerous to both smokers and second-hand-smokers alike, cigarettes were slowly but surely pushed out the door.

First they were relegated to designated “smoking areas.” Later, indoor smoking was banned in certain establishments, with outright bans soon to follow.

But smokers rejoiced with the advent of e-cigarettes: battery operated devices that that contained water-based substances laced with nicotine that emitted water vapor rather than smoke.

People with e-cigarettes were soon seen creeping back inside bars, enjoying an oversight in smoking laws that didn’t pertain to e-cigarettes.

Well all that is about to change. According to the LA Weekly, on Wednesday, the LA City Council voted unanimously, 15 – 0, to treat e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes. That means e-cigarettes will soon be banned in all the places traditional smoking is already not allowed, places like:

  • elevators
  • markets
  • offices
  • restaurants and bars
  • beaches
  • within 25 feet of playgrounds, bleachers, backstops, sports courts and fields, and picnic areas.

This also means that e-cigarettes could no longer be sold to minors.

So if you’re an e-cigarette smoker, you better enjoy your special privileges while they last, because for you guys, winter is coming.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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