by Marshal M. Rosenthal

There are gifts you get and gifts you get yourself. But when was the last time that shirt, tie or picture frame excited the imagination — or sent a tingle down your leg? But if you get — or get yourself — one of these 5 gifts, the whole neighborhood will know something’s up because of all the screaming. That’s because these gifts may be insane but they are absolutely AWESOME!

KRONOS Counter-Rotating Dual Platter Suspended Turntable

Price: $28,000

You know how they say that vinyl records sound “warmer” and more inviting than digital CDs? But they also say that vibrations from the platter that the record is on ruins the sound. So remove that sonic distress by using dual counter-rotating platters; the record rests on the top-most platter spinning clockwise while a bottom platter spins in the opposite direction. Of course you’ll need Swiss-made DC motors, optical sensors and a super-smart CPU to make sure the speed stays stable and consistent. This one does.

Why it’s nuts: Like HDTV, ultra-fidelity is wasted on all but the purest of purists. We’re not saying it isn’t amazing, and definitely useful to the select few, but at some point for most people, good enough is great, no? This is like buying an SR-71 Blackbird for your friend who just got a driver’s license.

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