JACK FM’s Guide On How To Avoid Being A Tool This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas from JACK FM! Oh wait, you don’t celebrate Christmas? Uh, well Happy Hanukkah then! What’s that now? You don’t celebrate Hanukkah either? Which, by the way, was last month?

The holidays are a time for warmth and kindness, peace on Earth, yada yada yada. But what may seem like a nice gesture on your part may actually make you a tool in someone else’s book. Maybe you’re a horrible gift giver and don’t even know it, or maybe you forgot to bring the onion dip and think driving drunk to the market is a good idea.

We’re here to help with this list of ways of how not to be a tool this holiday season, starting with our awkward introduction…

  • Not everyone celebrates the same thing. Some people celebrate Christmas, other Hanukkah, some Kwanzaa, etc. You just don’t know, so don’t assume your holiday is the only holiday to celebrate. That’s why corporate America invented “Happy Holidays”: to avoid lawsuits.
  • The art of gift giving. A few basics here should get you through. For kids, avoid toys that can kill them, aren’t age appropriate, and toys that make a lot of noise i.e. talking dolls and toy guitars. For adults, you can’t go wrong with gift cards or money, unless the gift is for your significant others or parents. You’ll need to put some thought into those. Never surprise someone with a pet as a gift.
  • Avoid shopping malls. From the parking lot to the crowds to not being able to find what you want to the long lines at the registers, this is the time of year that shopping malls bring out the inner tool in all of us. Do yourself a favor and shop online.
  • Be patient at airports. The shopping mall rule also applies to airports. Understand that you aren’t the only person flying home for the holidays. The people around you, from the passengers to the flight attendants and everything in between, aren’t responsible for the long lines, flight delays, crowded planes, etc., so just chill out and make the best of it.
  • Don’t show up empty handed. If you’re going to a holiday party, family gathering, New Year’s Eve party, etc, at the very least, bring a bottle of wine.
  • If you’re at a bar or club on NYE, tip well. The people behind the bar are working their butts off so that you can have a good time rather than celebrating themselves. Make their sacrifice worth their while. This applies to everyone else who gets a tip, including…

-Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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