Don’t let your wife guilt you from drinking one (or three) celebratory Christmas ales or egg nogs. Just pull up this study via the LA Weekly and validate your totally unfounded beliefs that alcohol is “good for you.” Their might be some fact to that fiction you made up.

According to a Southern California researcher from UC Riverside, moderate drinking might be the cure for the common cold. That’s right, people who have a few drinks can “boost” their immunity to those holiday illnesses like the cold and the flu.

Maybe you shouldn’t feel too guilty about having a few drinks during the holiday season.

A Southern California researcher says the magic pill for preventing the common cold might just be “moderate drinking.”

Hero to all mankind, Ilhem Messaoudi, published a story in the Vaccine journal–just in time for Christmas festivities.

Using primates, those who drank a lot had compromised immune systems and so did non-drinkers. But moderate drinkers fared much better than the two extremes.

There ya go. Some monkeys got drunk and now you can, too. Merry Christmas!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles



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