Scientists Discover How To Block Marijuana High And Make 2014 Seem More Like 1984

Why? Why couldn’t these French scientists find a way to really help humanity instead of being the ultimate buzz kills? After so much ground was made this year with states like Colorado allowing the sale of marijuana for non-medicinal purposes, scientists at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research figured out how to block the effects of THC and essentially take the recreation out of recreational.

The Journal Science, where the study was published, claims, however, that “their discovery could lead to new approaches to treating marijuana intoxication and addiction — and it may allow researchers to isolate the medicinal properties of cannabis while blocking its behavioral and somatic effects,” reports


Here’s what they discovered. The steroid hormone pregnenolone (which, by the way, is naturally occuring in humans) essentially blocks the effects of THC. By raising the levels of pregnenolone in the brains of rats, they were able to administer up to 10 times the normal dosage of THC with no”ill” effects.

Sounds pretty bogus to us. If you want to read the official study report and truly depress yourself, you can find at

Happy New Year everybody.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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