Puff, puff, pass. Or don’t, because apparently the LAPD is cracking down on stoned drivers. With the increased prevalence of legal (and illegal) weed smoking in California, the LAPD plans to start roadside weed tests with instant swabs.

According to the LA Weekly, Criminal defense attorney Mark A. Gallagher says that “so many people are driving around high,” but that there are a few tricks to not getting caught.

First of all, you can say no to getting swabbed because California court precedent requires that police have a warrant to drug test your blood. If they think you are “drinking” and driving, then you are by law required to take a blood test or face a one-year suspension of your license.

“Cops can do whatever they want if you consent — draw your blood, search your car, come to your house,” Gallagher says. “Cops are always going to try to use their badge and stature to guide you toward consenting.”

Because rampant practically legal weed smoking is like the wild, wild West of wilding out, there’s no standard for how much THC is too much THC. When that’s figured out, laws will obviously crop up soon. You really think we’ll be able to get off scott free? For now, it’s probably best to just NOT smoke and drive.





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