By Carlos Delgado

Captain Craig Moreau had to think quickly. The off-duty Texas firefighter was driving with his wife when he came upon an 18-wheeler that had caught fire. The rear brakes had locked up causing them to overheat and ignite, according to News92FM in Houston. The fire threatened to spread to the trailer, which would eventually burn the entire truck to the ground. Moreau knew that he was running short on time. Unfortunately he was also running short on equipment, or so he thought.

The driver of the truck was using a small fire extinguisher to try to put out the flames. Moreau took the extinguisher from the driver, crawled under the truck and initially put out the fire. The tiny extinguisher proved futile, however, and the brakes reignited.

Unfazed, Moreau asked the driver what else he had that could be used to douse the flames. The driver’s reply? Beer: the driver was hauling a truck full of Coors.

“I told (the driver) to open (the truck) up and hand me the beers as fast as he could,” Moreau recalls. “I shook them up, and popped a top one at a time until the fire was out and the brakes were cool. Thankfully they were tall-boys.”

Thanks to Moreau’s quick thinking, no one was hurt, the truck was saved, and only about half a case of beer was lost. Possibly a full case, depending on how crazy the post fire celebration got. Best of all, we now have yet another way beer can save your life.


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