By Carlos Delgado

Uber is at it again. The popular social media powered ride service has plenty of perks, no doubt. Timely rides from safe drivers for cheap prices sounds like a good deal, right?

Well recently, Uber has been falling a little short on it’s promises. First there was the price surge that could result in outlandish fares that were sometimes in the 100’s of dollars. Or what about the driver that held a rider’s phone hostage after she forgot it in his car?

Now Uber has a new scandal to diffuse. A woman (who wished to remain anonymous) contacted LAist about her recent Uber horror story. After a seemingly normal ride and reasonable fair ($3.79), the Uber driver, Marat, refused to let her out of his car until she gave him a 5 star rating.

From LAist:

(Marat) refused to unlock the door as I was trying to get out even though I pulled at the door handle multiple times (childlock?). At this point I was getting nervous as it was dark (around 10:30 pm) and I was in there alone. The driver parked his car and turned around in his seat. He told me he wanted to see my phone to see how much the ride cost. I took my phone out and opened the Uber app showing him the price of $3.79. Then the driver reached over to try to grab my phone so I moved it out of his reach. After several attempts of him trying to tap something on my screen, I was scared for my safety and was also curious what he was trying to do so I just put the screen closer to him. Then he proceeded to rate himself 5 stars out of 5 and finally unlocked the door to let me out of the car.

Uber has since called the incident “absolutely unacceptable” and are investigating. Have you experienced any Uber nightmares?


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