By Scott T. Sterling with additional reporting by Jay Tilles

Yesterday (Jan. 29), the internet lit up with reports of new Red Hot Chili Peppers song, released in conjunction with the band’s upcoming appearance with Bruno Mars at this weekend’s Super Bowl XVLIII in New Jersey.

Released as a free download on a website riddled with corporate logos including Pepsi, Dodge Durango and L.A. radio station KROQ (a station), the tune quickly raced around social networks as RHCP fans grabbed a copy of the track.

Upon closer (or cursory) inspection, “Abracadabralifornia” revealed itself to be a cheeky parody of the legacy Los Angeles rock band. Nonsensical lyrics about the “jamming out with the Peppermen” and “shopping cart…ESCALATOR!” mimic frontman Anthony Kiedis‘ often stream-of-consciousness and scat-a-dat-dat wordplay, coupled with a melodic bass line not unlike those Flea has laid down on latter-day RHCP singles.

The track was uncanny enough to fool some media outlets into believing it was an actual Red Hot Chili Peppers’ single.

“This song started because me and Zach Galifianakis were at a party with a lot of celebrities, and he was the only person I knew there,” explained comedian Jon Daly in a phone interview, who recorded the parody song and claims to be a Chili Peppers fan since the 7th Grade. “It was really uncomfortable for me, so I went up to [Zach] and said, ‘Flea just texted me and said he’s stuck in traffic.’ Zach immediately said, ‘oh yeah, I talked to [Anthony] Kiedis. He’s parking and should be here soon.’ For the rest of that night, we kept talking like the Chili Peppers were good friends of ours. It was just a dumb bit that we did, and part of the bit was singing ‘Bingabong Burbank’ and ‘G-G-G-G-Glendale.'”

Daly connected with his friend Cyrus Ghahremani, who he knew from the band Hot Karate, to write and record the song (“I knew he could make a realistic Chili Peppers song”), but waited until the “perfect moment” to unleash it on the unsuspecting public.

Inspired by the announcement that the Chili Peppers would be playing the Super Bowl halftime show, the pair crafted “a super corporate website” to launch the parody out into the world. Daly followed the song’s release by reaching out to famous friends including Aziz Ansari and Patton Oswald to help spread the track into the digital stratosphere.

“I was genuinely concerned that they’d be offended, but then [RHCP drummer] Chad Smith put out that tweet, and that’s all I needed: for one of them to acknowledge and like the song,” Daly added. “We would’ve been happy if it hit a couple of comedy blogs. It just exploded. We can’t even contain this or keep up with everything that’s happening around it.”



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