By Carlos Delgado

We’ll file this under “don’t be this guy.” Shaun Coles from the UK jokingly put his girlfriend, Debbie Moran, up for sale on eBay, calling her an “old woman” and posting unflattering pictures of her. In case you’re wondering, they do celebrate Valentine’s Day in the UK, and yes, it too is on February 14th.

Coles soon removed the post after he realized he violated eBay’s auction guidelines–not to mention the unspoken rule of never calling your girlfriend old and lazy, posting bad photos of her, or putting her up for sale.

But despite the questionable pictures and description, in the time it was up, the auction gathered over 50 bids topping £700, which after a quick Google search, translates into $1148.70!

The couple has been together for six years, and amazingly, are still together. “In all seriousness, I wouldn’t sell her for anything,” Coles told What a gentleman.

Moran herself chipped in, saying, “I was a bit annoyed with him at first, but I knew he didn’t do it maliciously because he’s not like that. I know he does love me really. It’s just a joke that got a bit out of hand!”

“A joke that got a bit out of hand?” Wait, aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?


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