This Now Exists: BroApp, The App That Texts Your Girlfriend For You

Seriously, chivalry, romance, and possibly the human race is doomed. Need proof? Look no further than the BroApp, your “relationship wingman,” or so touts its makers, Factorial Products Pty. Ltd

Here’s the gist: you are a guy–excuse us–a bro with girlfriend. She is taking too much of your “bro time,” like chicks tend to do, but worry not, BroApp has got you covered.

It automatically sends out sweet texts in your name to your girlfriend at scheduled times, messages like, “Hey how was your day?” or a cute kissy face emoticon, making it seem as if you are a caring and doting boyfriend, all for just $1.99.

Essentially, it is outsourcing romance.

But BroApp is more than just an automated text messaging service. Here are some of the special features to ensure your girlfriend doesn’t figure out that you’ve relegated her to “maintenance status”:

  • BroApp will automatically detect when you are at you girlfriend’s house and stop sending messages by identifying her WiFi.
  • The secretive “Girlfriend Intrusion Detector” prevents snoopy GF’s from discovering BroApp
  • If you’ve recently contacted your Girlfriend, BroApp will wait before sending out it’s next round of love texts


Sounds kind of shady right? In a brilliant kind of way, yes, yes it does. Of course, you’ll be too busy hanging with your bros to care though, right? Check out BroApp on Facebook. And try not to get caught, you schmuck.

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