By Nadia Noir

Someone needs to give these moron Millennials something better to do with their lives. A group of Los Angeles BMX bikers documented their dangerous biking stunts–like many other young kids do. But instead of breaking into someone’s dried-out pool and trespassing at a school like we did when we were growing up, these dudes did bike tricks over homeless people allegedly on and around Skid Row.

According to LAist, the bikers you see are Brandon Begin, Jeff Cadger, and David Grant. Begin is affiliated with the OSS bike shop which is near Skid Row and owned by Adam Grandmaison.

“It’s like right on the line of being messed up you know and so that was kind of a concern for me,” said Grandmaison about the videos–which they won’t take down. “Being that nobody got hurt or anything, I didn’t think that it was too offensive.” Although it was written on Facebook that “nobody who works at or owns OSS had anything to do with that video.”

It’s still on their Instagram though. Gross.

“This is just a matter of not having value for another human being,” LAPD Officer Deon Joseph said in a quote. Which is sort of ironic, considering how some homeless people are treated by cops, but that’s a totally different post.


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