CIA Uses Red Hot Chili Peppers As Torture

By Adam Bookbinder

Well it seems someone at the CIA doesn’t care for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The info comes from a 6,600-page classified report on the CIA’s use of interrogation for detainees after 9/11.

Thanks to two officials who spoke under anonymity, they told Aljazeera America that from May to June of 2002, an interrogator used Red Hot Chili Peppers music to “batter the detainee’s senses” while in their prison cell with their arms were chained to the ceiling  with the music loud and on repeat.

We’d love to know what song or songs they used and the Chili Pepper’s reaction to their music being used for torture by the CIA.

This isn’t the first time a rock group’s music was used as torture like this.  Nine Inch Nail’s music was also used and played on repeat for months at a U.S. Military detention center in Iraq.  He was not too happy about it.  And we’re pretty sure Anthony Keidis and the other Peppers aren’t either.


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