Hear 5 Different Mashups Of Smash Mouth On This ’90s Mixtape

By Nadia Noir

The ’90s are back and the craze is no longer ironic. People are more ’90s now than they ever were in the ’90s. Many modern musicians have adopted styles–both fashionwise and sonically–from the earlier part of that decade. The Kurt Cobain craze? It’s not just because it’s been twenty years since his tragic death.

Kids were rocking flannel for a few years before that. But now we are heading into some dark times where now kids are adopting that late ’90s Swingers/neon-alien-rave kids-era weirdness…and making mixtapes jampacked with Smash Mouth sounds. Welcome to the late ’90s. Make sure to wear your bleached tips and flavor savers.

Comedian and filmmaker Neil Cicierega released a mix called Mouth Sounds for a hilarious mix of ’90s songs which includes five different mash-ups of Smash Mouth‘s 1999 hit, “All-Star.” Rounding out the mix are the Full House theme song, Santana‘s “Smooth,” some Smashing Pumpkins, and even a smidgen of Nirvana. Some songs on the mix are not from the ’90s, but all of them sound like they should be whether they are cheesetacular, iconic, or something the millennials are confused about.



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