By Nadia Noir

Back in our day, when someone bullied us at school, we just went home and cried while eating tater tots and watching Murder, She Wrote. But kids these days are hardcore–or at least they claim to be.

A Bakersfield girl made recent news when she allegedly made cupcakes for the food sharing day at her school. After handing them out to bullies, she claimed she’s injected them with pubic hair, feces, mayo, BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and–wait for it–man sauce.

Of course, everyone freaked out and a kid stayed at home the next day claiming to be sick, but the Bakersfield Police were not able to verify that there was ever any bodily fluids in the aforementioned cupcakes. The food stuff, yes.

We’re going to speculate that the girl lied in order to freak everyone out, in which case, she did a great job. But don’t try this at home kids. High school pranks like this could be extremely harmful to one’s health. And trust in homemade cupcakes forever.




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