Best Horror Films To Watch In The Dark On Friday The 13th

By Jordy Altman

There were three Friday the thirteenths in 2012.

Last year, there were two Friday the thirteenths.

In 2015, there will be three Friday the thirteenths.

This year, however, Friday the 13th appears from the shadows just once.

And it’s coming straight into your living room!

This weekend, host a horror movie marathon in the dark with our favorite horror films for Friday the 13th.

Let The Right One In, 2008
Set in Stockholm in the early 80s, Oskar, a sad, sullen boy, dreams of getting revenge on those who bully him. He falls in love with a peculiar girl named Eli… a girl who can’t stand the sun. Or food. She won’t enter a room unless she’s been invited in… So what happens when Eli gives Oskar the power to fight back? And what about Eli’s dangerous obsession? Can Eli find enough love in his heart to forgive, or will he be sucked into Eli’s dark way of life?

V/H/S, 2012
One of the best found footage films in the last twenty years, V/H/S is a 50s trip through the Twilight Zone with a 90s hand-held camera. Follow the anthology of horrific episodes as a group of teenagers stumble upon a trove of cryptic VHS tapes, each video stranger than the last. Bloody violence, strong sexuality, graphic nudity, pervasive language and explicit drug use rounds out this modern thriller.

Pet Cemetery, 1989
Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Pet Sematary follow’s the Creed family as they settle into their new house in the countryside. All would be fine, if not for the mysterious Pet Cemetery buried deep in the woods keeping them awake at night. After tragedy strikes, the father travels to the isolated hill behind the cemetery in an attempt to repair his broken family… but will his unholy actions unleash more than he had bargained for?

Event Horizon, 1997
A sci-fi adventure gone wrong? Sign us up! It’s the year 2047, and a group of astronauts investigate the long lost starship Event Horizon, the ship that mysteriously disappeared on its maiden voyage seven years ago. However, the crew from Event Horizon are not bringing any good news. In fact, they aren’t acting very human… what was the real cause of Event Horizon’s disappearance?

Cabin in the Woods, 2007
Nothing is as it seems in Joss Whedon’s genre-bending masterpiece. You’ve seen the scenario play out in thousands of low-budget horror flicks – five teenagers head off for a weekend in a secluded cabin in the woods. They stumble upon a cellar full of ancient relics and curious artifacts and accidentally awaken a horde of deadly zombies, can the kids escape with their lives blah blah blah. This only scratches the surface of a much more complex film, as Whedon sets out to answer the question: Where do all of these horror movie monsters come from?

Bloodsucking Freaks, 1976
If you’re into 70s freakiness (not of the shagging sort) check out the vintage gorefest, Bloodsucking Freaks. Featuring Sardu, the Theatre of Macabre’s Master of Ceremonies, our gracious host who directs a variety of specialty acts of graphic torture and dismemberment. But it’s just an illusion, right? When one harsh critic seeks the truth behind their show, Sardu and his midget assistant, Ralphus, are all too eager to add one more player to their act…

The Descent, 2005
Six girlfriends are happy to reunite for some modest spelunking through a deep, underground cave. Safe enough, until their adventure goes awry as a boulder collapses and traps them in the dark. It doesn’t take long for their friendships to start deteriorating under pressure. While some of the girls find it a struggle to survive each other… matters become much worse when other creatures begin joining their subterranean stunt.


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