Full Moon & Friday the 13th–5 Reasons Why Today Is #FreakyFriday

By Nadia Noir

  • Tomorrow’s moon is called the Honey Moon because of it’s amber-hued beauty.  One of the full moon’s in June, according to Wiccan tradition it can also be called a Mead Moon, a Strawberry Moon, or a Rose Moon. It’s a good time to do a spell for new beginnings and apparently called The Honey Moon because it’s the best time to get honey from the hives.
  • The Honey Moon is also the Lover’s Moon, hence why June is a great month for weddings and where the term “honeymoon” came from. That means that this moon is freaky in more ways than one, if you know what we mean.
  • The next time a Full Moon and Friday the 13th appears is will be 2049.
  • Also, tomorrow’s not just any old full moon. Tomorrow is the Honey Moon. The last time the Honey Moon and the Friday the 13th occurred was June 13, 1919. The next time this combination will happen is June 13, 2098.  That’s 84 years!
  • Keep your black cats inside, wash all your crystals, and let them absorb the light of the moon. And don’t ever forget to howl. If you don’t howl at a full moon, you’re practically dead inside.

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