By Nadia Noir

Angelenos already pretty much live in their cars, so its not shocking that the courts overturned a ban on people literally living in their cars.

If you weren’t aware, there is a 31-year-old law that tells people that they can’t live in their parked vehicles. Thousands of poor, homeless, and generally nomadic people do it everyday; in sunny California, the rule is almost meant to be broken.

But a three judges at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says the “vaguely written statute discriminates against the homeless and the poor.”

“Is it impermissible to eat food in a vehicle? Is it illegal to keep a sleeping bag? Canned food? Books? What about speaking on a cellphone? Or staying in the car to get out of the rain?” said Judge Harry Pregerson.”These are all actions plaintiffs were taking when arrested for violation of the ordinance, all of which are otherwise perfectly legal.”

“The city of Los Angeles has many options at its disposal to alleviate the plight and suffering of its homeless citizens,” said Pregerson. “Selectively preventing the homeless and the poor from using their vehicles for activities many other citizens also conduct in their cars should not be one of those options.”

What does this mean for all the Burning Man bums, Deadheads, and half of the JACK FM staff after a night out on the town? Literally, nothing. We were always breaking the rules. Now we have to find some new rules to break.


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