Mommy Blogger Slowly Poisons Son to Boost Site Traffic

By Jordy Altman

Some people are so eager to boost their website traffic that they will sink to the depths of morally corrupt click bait to get enough strangers to validate their existence.

You won’t believe what this Mommy Blogger did to grow her traffic!

A 26-year-old mother was arrested last week and charged with murdering her five-year-old son by poisoning him with toxic levels of salt.

The web wordsmith was an avid social media abuser, updating her Facebook, Twitter, and even Myspace – yes, Myspace – accounts with a steady stream of photos, emoticons, and deep thoughts. When she began posting about her son’s frequent trips to the hospital, she grew to love the extra attention that the subject matter gleaned.

What would be a tragedy to one man was a goldmine for the Kentucky mother. As her son’s life was unexpectedly short and fraught with illness, she used his heartbreaking story as a way to build an audience. Frequent trips to the ER for constant ear infections, fevers, seizures, and digestive ailments were catalogued daily and broadcast online, airing the boy’s health struggles on social media while fabricating an elaborate backstory regarding his paternity.

Perhaps that is what motivated her to harm her boy – the satisfaction and support of thousands of online friends and cyber strangers. Even more bizarre is the investigation of the woman’s psychiatric disorder – Munchausen-by-proxy, a disorder that makes a parent harm their child as a form of attention seeking. In this case, giving her son fatal amounts of salt.

Doctors noticed that the boy’s sodium levels were skyrocketing in a way that was “metabolically impossible” for his body to do on its own. Less than a week after his hospitalization, the young boy died of acute sodium poisoning.

If convicted, the Mommy Blogger could face a 25-to-life prison sentence. Wait until she finds out they don’t allow Facebook from the SHU.


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