By Jordy Altman

Do do do, lookin’ out your back door.

It not hard to look cool. Drive a nice car, have a nice haircut. Cruise around in your favorite American Apparel leather jacket while blasting the Forest Gump soundtrack from your iPod auxiliary hookup. Swing by and pick up your lady for a nice spin down the PCH. Light up a cigarette, take a puff, crank down those windows and… hey, wait is a minute.

Did you just flick your cig out on the road? WOAH! Not cool.

That’s one lesson Paul Smith, an unlucky Delaware driver, wishes he had learned before igniting himself when he flicked his roach out the window… and it set his car on fire. Yup, the still-lit cigarette was blown back in by the wind, catching and igniting the car interior instantly.

After receiving a call about a vehicle engulfed in flames in a rural Pennsylvania ravine, Delaware fire officials went out and rescued the swift flamer. Several motorists were waiting for the officers at the scene as they had stopped to help pull Smith out of the wreckage.

Smith had to be flown to a hospital via a helicopter where he was treated for second- and third-degree burns to his lower body.

Did Smith deserve to get burned? Did he play with fire for too long, or did he bury himself in his bad habits long ago? We’re not going to pass judgement – after all, we believe that every adult is capable of making decisions for themselves.

But please – if you’re going to smoke, don’t f**king litter. It’s a disgusting habit.



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