Alice Cooper Inducted Into White Castle “Craver Hall of Fame”

By Jordy Altman

Harold, Kumar, and Alice walk into a White Castle…

Shock Rocker Alice Cooper is no stranger to the macabre. With a rock legacy spanning the better half of five decades, Cooper has crafted some of the greatest horrors of rock ’n’ roll in our generation. Not only does his act feature electric guitars, he also incorporates electric chairs, guillotines, and other nightmare fuel into his onstage riot. But beyond the red curtain, Cooper also carves out time to moonlight as a nighttime DJ, haunted house enthusiast, golf addict, and… White Castle aficionado?

That’s right. This week, Cooper was invited to White Castle’s headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to be inducted into the very prestigious (and relatively unknown) Craver Hall of Fame. A small club consisting of only 170 members, Cooper joins the ranks of pinup girls, construction workers, and teenage boys, all who share a mutual love and respect for the little square sliders.

2013’s induction class wasn’t too shabby. If Alice Cooper is headlining 2014, who’s next? Roger Daltry? Ozzy Osbourne? Wayne Campbell?

Cooper accepted the honor and spoke in front of 250 White Castle fans as he recounted his days as a youngster, tagging along with his father to the burger mecca where they would share sliders and discuss family values. Now 66 years old, Cooper is ready to spread the burger love any way he can.

No word on whether or not he will be substituting stage blood for ketchup in his act.



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