Potato Salad Rookie Raises Over $41,589 on Kickstarter

By Jordy Altman

How much would you pay to help a stranger to make potato salad?


One forward-thinking entrepreneur is kickstarting the creation of a backyard BBQ favorite. Zack “Danger” Brown of Columbus, Ohio explains his inspiration: “I realized that I really liked potato salad, but had never made it. Then I wanted to make potato salad.” Fair enough. Why not ask a bunch of strangers to invest in your sweet, salty snack?

Believe it or not, fans of Brown’s Kickstarter were quick to meet his initial $10 fundraising goal. And when the internet caught wind of the ludicrous enterprise, financial support flooded the Kickstarter. Stretch goals were added:

• $35: I will make 4x as much Potato Salad.
• $75: Pizza Party!
• $100: I will try two different Potato Salad recipes.
• $250: Better mayonnaise (from the natural foods section)
• $300: Call a chef to get a better recipe
• $350: Make way more potato salad and probably do a third recipe.
• $1000: I’ll do a live stream of the potato salad making
• $1200: I’ll pay someone to film a thank-you video for all of my backers!
• $3000: My kitchen is too small! I will rent out a party hall and invite the whole internet to the potato salad party (only $10 and above will be allowed in the kitchen)! The internet loves potato salad! Let’s show them that potato salad loves the internet!!

How much does it cost to actually make a potato salad? We found this old-fashioned potato salad–the way Grandma made it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a single potato is about 63 cents and eggs are about $1.93 a dozen. Kraft Mayo is $2.50 at Walmart. Celery is about $1.50 for a bunch and all the spices vary in price, but you’ll probably only use 50 cents to a dollar worth of spices. A ball-park estimate of preparation fees for Brown’s simple side dish is about $6. That means, at the time of publication, Brown is making an epic profit of $41, 583. The average salary for men is $45,188. That’s $395 more–just for a potato salad.

With over 1,000 backers donating anywhere from $1 to $50, Brown may be creating the most famous side dish of all time. Incentives include pictures of Brown cooking, a personal “thank you” on his website, or spoonfuls of the potato salad mailed to your doorstep. If you’re looking to invest in the next big thing, there are still time left to jump on the bandwagon. Don’t let this potato salad be your Yahoo mistake from the 90s! Donate to his Kickstarter here.

What does a campaign like this say about Kickstarter? Is it a viable means of crowdsourcing artists’ dreams, or a massive joke waiting to be exploited? We’ll tell you what we think once we try his potato salad.



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