Meanwhile In Southern California: Heroic Bystanders Wrestle San Diego Carjacker/Kidnapper Into Submission

By Nadia Noir

You can be heroes…just for one day. Especially if you rescue a mother and her child from a carjacker/kidnapper and become the subject of a today’s Southern California viral video of the day.

A woman in San Diego was in her minivan with her child when a carjacker, well, jacked their car with them inside, drove off, and hit a pole.

Fortunately for the mother and her child, Good Samaritan bystanders were nearby to wrestle 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez from out of the car and Aaron Leaf filmed the whole nine-minute scrap.

A policeman comes in the middle of the video and Hernandez is handcuffed while boasting that “this isn’t his first time” and tells them they are “tripping.”

In another, mostly unrelated story–someone in Miami jacked a car and managed to drive it within 48 hours to the border of Washington state and Canada. Google maps said that’s a 50 minute drive non-stop.  Too many kids trying to reenact real-life scenarios of Grand Theft Auto?


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